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When I woke up the sun had moved

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When I woke up the sun had moved

We go from one place to another and adapt to the new environment. Movement means life. We move, therefore we are alive. The heart palpitates; it pumps blood to the veins and creates life. We go from one place to another to save or to better our lives.

When I woke up, the sun had moved is an installation in the minimalist spirit, and it's about movement, created by robots and by humans. Movement has always interested visual artists and has resulted in a description, such as with futurists, or the mechanical movement, such as with kinetic artists. Minimal and post-minimal sculptors have also dealt with movement, by using fragmentation and repetition of forms in the space. As an evolution towards movement and freedom, post-minimal sculptors proposed free forms and dispersion in the exhibition space, an allusion to movement.

9 small, wheeled robots move around and follow choreography. They dance to the sound of a soundtrack and sometimes interact with each other. They resemble post minimal sculptures, but they move in real time. They create a visual performance to be seen by the viewer, on a purely formal level, where colors and shapes move and create different compositions. A human performance, inspired by the movements of the robots, meaning simple circular or straight movements that can be performed also by the viewers, complements the robotic performance. The results of both performances find their cohabitation on the wall where traces of both apear together.

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